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Boudoir Photography Session with Sierra

Boudoir photography captures your beauty in an intimate and private setting, letting you express your sensuality without feeling insecure. Boudoir photos make great gifts for significant others for weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. My studio was designed with a private area specifically for boudoir, giving you that welcoming and secure environment, as well as the ability to completely customize the set for your photo shoot.

If you are considering boudoir and have not booked a session or might be unsure about the experience, stop waiting for perfection! You can wait, but if you give your self-esteem the boost now you’ll be amazed at how you feel. Your body – the thing these photos showcase – has brought you a very long way. Your body is amazing and sexy exactly how it is, and when you look at your glamorous photos I promise you are not going to see extra pounds. You’re going to see how beautiful and strong and amazing you and your body really are!

With our studio, we can dedicate an entire day just to one client. You can tour the space ahead of time to get an idea of what it looks like and what to expect. Then, together we can determine ways to customize your session to be just like you want it. It’s a discrete space where you can feel comfortable to really express yourself.

Boudoir photography continues to get more popular. We’re excited to offer this style here in East Texas and help women in the area start to love and embrace the goddesses you are. It is our job to find the best angles and light, flattering poses and positions during the shoot and help our clients see themselves the way someone else sees them. You will leave here holding your head higher and knowing that you really are awesome.

We offer individual and couples sessions. Regular business hours are Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday sessions are by appointment only.

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