Boudoir FAQs

Boudoir Session with Sierra 5Your boudoir shoot is all about letting you express your sensuality without feeling insecure. Boudoir photos make great gifts for yourself or significant others, but you may have a few questions before you book your session.


Q. What if I don’t have a significant other to give photos to? Won’t it just be a waste of time?

A. Not at all. Boudoir really has nothing to do with your significant other. It’s all about YOU. It’s a time of pampering, relaxing and feeling like the amazing and beautiful woman you ARE. As women, we VERY rarely get that. Between work, kids etc – we forget how awesome we are and how much we need to take time for ourselves.


Q. How can I justify spending that much money on myself? I’m not sure I am willing to.

A. Of course, it’s not something you would regularly budget for, which is why I offer payment plans. I understand not wanting to spend the money on yourself, but it’s cheaper than a vacation and the effects last longer. I’ve had women grace the walls of my studio feeling so undeserving. During the process, I’ve watched these women relax into themselves and actually have FUN. Many have called and emailed weeks after the fact to tell me how much their session boosted their confidence and gave them a new outlook on their life and their self esteem.

Boudoir Photography FAQs with Angela Duncan



Q. Ok – that sounds good, but I’m so not sexy.

A. Um – yes you are. Every single woman has her own unique sexiness. Sex-appeal is 100% individual. Some girls feel their most comfortable in shorty tank-top pj’s. Others in baby dolls and thong panties. Whatever makes YOU feel SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, CONFIDENT – that is YOUR sexy. And girl – you need to own that!


Q. Well – but I don’t want to have my photos online. Like on your website and facebook. I know I can’t handle that. Does that have to happen?

A. Absolutely not. You are in complete control of how of if your images are used for my business. If you want to keep your images 150% private – that’s totally fine and your contract will support that.


Q. Ok – well what about if I have bad skin? Or stretch marks?

A. Retouching is always included with any image purchase you make. I can do as much or as little as you would like. Blemishes such as breakouts, bruises or scratches are always removed. Stretch marks and other parts of you are also smoothed to not be as obvious.


Q. But can you take 20 pounds off or shouldn’t I wait to lose 20 pounds?

A. I can take weight off, but let me remind you that your body is amazingly beautiful now. Boudoir is a great way to remind yourself how others see you. If you’re on a weight loss journey or simply not feeling confident about your size, it’s a tough thing to believe you SHOULD do a boudoir session. But I will tell you – now is the perfect time. Let me prove to you that you are beautiful and sexy. And I know you’ll leave believing it.


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